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Re Sharpening

Re Sharpening
RTL offers a total re-sharpening service.
All types of router tooling can be serviced. Hss, carbides, PCD diamonds, single or multi-flute, straight or spiral. Saw blades, knife blades

Re - sharpening router cutters
Re - sharpening router cutters
Comprehensive re-sharpening service for all types of router tooling.
Even the highest quality tooling becomes blunt over time.
At RTL we professionally sharpen, regrind and recondition high-speed, carbide router & PCD tooling achieving optimum performance.
Re - sharpening saw blades
Re - sharpening saw blades
Total re-sharpening service. All types of saw blades can be serviced.
At RTL we professionally repair, regrind, re-tip, sharpen and straighten your saw blade extending useable life. Re - sharpening saw blades
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