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Flame Retardant FRMDF


Flame retardant MDF (FRMDF) is often specified in buildings such as airports, shopping complexes, museums, hotels, cinemas, theatres, libraries, schools, offices, exhibitions and hospitals.

Machining FRMDF is very similar to plain MDF apart from the excessive tool wear.

When using normal carbide tooling, the flame-retardant additives in FRMDF can reduce the tool life by 50%. It can be quite a challenge to produce good quality parts as the cutting edge is quickly lost.

Using PCD (diamond tools) will extend tool life by 12-15 times against carbide tooling and will keep a sharp edge for a long period. Standard PCD tooling is available which can be used as a direct substitution for carbide tools.



PCD up/down shear (compression style) tooling is commonly used to profile cut components, it can also be used for rebating and pockets, so long as the cutting depth is more than the up-cut tip, otherwise the top edge can be rough.




Slots and grooves are best produced using straight flute versions.

So, why not use PCD tooling all the time (for other less abrasive materials)?

Carbide tooling is a lot stronger so can be used with faster feed rates, also they are available in longer cutting lengths.

The smaller cutting diameter PCD tools can be quite fragile (easily broken) and need to be used carefully.

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Sharpening Service

All our PCD tooling can re-sharpened. To get your tools serviced, simply follow the 3 simple steps below:

1: Print Form.

2: Ensure tools are wrapped individually & Send to us.

3: We will take care of the rest.