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All About Our Innovative Bespoke Tooling Service

On the fence about bespoke tooling? Read on to discover how bespoke tooling can transform the way you work by maximising production rates and efficency.

In this blog post you will also learn all about our innovate in-house solution that provides bespoke tooling, at a fraction of the price! 


What are the Benefits of Bespoke Tooling in our Industry?

We often get asked, “what are the benefits of using bespoke tooling?”. Below, we outline just a few advantages of using bespoke tooling in our industry.

Maximize Production Rates

When you have the right cutter tailored to your exact requirements, production will be quicker, smoother and more precise, meaning you can maximise your production rates.

Maximising production rates equals increased profit.



Specialised Tools 

Have a certain profile that you need to match? Or maybe you have a manufacturing tolerance, i.e. a hole or slot that needs to be precise and a standard cutter will not suffice? With bespoke tooling, you can achieve exact results.

We offer a Cost-Effective Solution to Bespoke Tooling

Anything bespoke usually comes at a premium. This is the case in all walks of life, and we accept this because we are asking for something ‘outside of the norm’ which needs to be specifically designed and created for our individual needs.

Bespoke tooling is no exception. However, we have created our own cost-effective solution that enables people to access bespoke tooling, at an affordable rate.

How do we do it? Where possible we will alter an ‘off the shelf’ cutter to produce your required form. By doing this, we can save significant amounts of time during the design and cutting process as we do not need to ‘start from scratch. Our "off the shelf" offerings have been through rigorous testing and proven to provide consistent results, which means that by basing our bespoke tool services off of our already proven range offerings; our bespoke tools will provide you with the same guarantee that the rest of our range provides.

Saving OUR time will save YOU money

Because our specialised tooling offering is based upon our already "off the shelf" tools, this means that manufacturing time is reduced. Due to this Router Tooling is relay these time costs onto our customers. This means that because each tool is more time-efficient and since we cut out production costs by basing each order off of tools that are already manufactured, we cut a lot of production costs which allows us to price our offering much cheaper than our competition. 

In addition to this, we do also offer a completely bespoke route. Our engineers will work with you to understand your production requirements and then design and develop the best tooling solution for your specific application from scratch.

Bespoke tooling with RTL is simple

Bespoke tooling doesn’t have to be complicated, and with RTL it doesn’t even need to be expensive. If you would like to explore the bespoke tooling route with us, get in touch with our friendly and professional team today.

If you found any of the information in this blog useful and wish to discuss developing custom CNC tooling or other bespoke tools you may need then please feel free to contact us or call us on 0116 277 6656